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About Capture

Capture Consulting leverages over 25 years of sales and marketing expertise in the IT software industry and provides digital marketing consulting services for businesses, start-ups and non-profits to drive innovation and change.

We address IT target audiences through creative use case problem solution scenarios, so your marketing plan activities are integrated, seamless, and measurable both on and offline.

Marketing Focus Areas

  • Audience segmentation & personas
  • Brand identity and website strategy
  • Digital campaigns & advertising
  • Messaging and communications planning
  • Social media and PR strategy
  • Web analytics and performance metrics

We deliver personalized Marketing solutions.

Our goal is to understand your IT business as a trusted advisor and build a long-term relationship that will grow and develop over time.

By leveraging our digital resource network of leading-edge marketing partners, we collaborate to create a unique customized solution that is based on industry best practices and proven methods to drive successful outcomes.

Get started with three easy steps:

After your discovery session, we will collaborate
with our partner network to create a customized
plan to meet your business goals.

We will provide a clear project scope and target
deliverables on a retainer, hourly, or fixed price
cost model.

After the project is complete, ongoing results will
be monitored to ensure successful outcomes are
reached, flexible, and scale long-term.

Meet some of our partners:

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